Fingal Wildlife Management Area

The Fingal Wildlife Management Area (sometimes called the Fingal Conservation Area) is located on an old airbase about 3 km west of Fingal off Elgin County Rd. 16, or Fingal Line.  In addition, there is a small parking lot off Scotch Line closer to the pond and the rear of the park.


The viewing stand overlooking the pond at the rear of the park offers a great space to observe and relax. Below left-a view to the northeast from inside the post.




The arrows on the map below shows the two parking lots.  This is one of the best dog walking and exploring spots in our area.  It occupies land once used for training by the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. You can view more pics of people walking their dogs at Fingal on John Blake’s Shutterfly page.  Note:  there is hunting in the park Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday during October thru February, which you can verify through signs at the entrance to the park.

There are three main trails on the 724 acre site: War-of-Roses near the main entrance, the Tallgrass Prairie Trail with a viewing stand by the pond, and the South Woodlot.  More info on Naturally Elgin. If you don’t care for or can’t manage the long trek from the main entrance back to the pond, don’t forget the little parking lot off Scotch Line.

Early spring – March 2011. We walk around testing a POV (Point of View) GoPro camera in the Fingal Wildlife Management Area.

See also links on Elgin Hiking Trail Club, Elgin County Tourist Maps, good resources on the Naturally Elgin website.

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