Lions Club Dog Park

Lions Club of St. Thomas

More aerial photos of the park.  Cool, eh?

The new dog park is named the Lions Club Dog Park in recognition of the generous donation made to by the St. Thomas Lions Club. The Lions matched the City’s contribution that helped with the cost of fencing and a parking lot. The required signage has been donated to us.

The Lions Dog Park is at the west end of town, in a ravine area between Talbot Street, Old Talbot Street and Sunset Drive. The entrance is on Old Talbot Street, just west of the Jumbo statue.  For those of you who use Google Maps the address is 40038 Fingal Rd., St. Thomas, Ontario.

Pavement from the old road runs through part of the park, going west through a treed area toward Sunset. Construction of fencing on the Old Talbot Street sides and along Sunset Drive is due to be completed in early December. Kettle Creek, which runs through the ravine, is the fourth boundary on the south side.

A parking lot will be built on the Old Talbot Street side, and stairs will be constructed to make easier access to the open meadow area from the parking lot. Clearing of underbrush to open more “playing” space will continue as weather permits.

It’s a beautiful location, but it needs improvements to be the safe and accessible park we all want. Pathway improvements, stairs and some lighting are needed  .An enclosed area within the park will benefit small and elderly dogs who might not want to run with the big dogs. Some benches and picnic tables will allow people to relax. Porta potties for the humans would be much appreciated.

You can volunteer your labour in clearing and cleaning the park. You can fundraise, donate, buy our goods or join the group. You can put a collection tin in your business or put your change in the tins we have around town. Your business can contribute by buying advertising space or making in-kind donations.  For any of these you can contact us at

Early spring in the park (2010)…

Volunteers began spreading mulch dropped off by the City Parks and Rec Dept in the early spring.  A remarkable job considering it all had to be wheelbarrowed from “exercise hill” (above top) to be spread over the trails.  Ian (above left) almost singlehandedly did an incredible job of clearing away dead brush and constructing a natural barrier along what was then the unfenced portion by the creek, and Yolanda (above right) moved an astounding amount of mulch by hand.  Below, a view from the Old Talbot Rd. looking down from “exercise hill” into the small clearing.  The park started to take shape.

Update April 2010: New Park Signage

Our new signage, completed.  The back will be a place we can share information.  The signage was donated by a group member.

Update May 28 2010:  Fence is up on creek side.

The park is now fully fenced, including a gate to the creek which was completed after this photo.

Update October 2010:  Porta Potty Installed

Below: What a difference a year makes…

Sometimes it’s good to step back and see where you’ve been.  Above left is a 2009 shot from Google Street View, above right a June 2010 shot of the entrance to what is now the Lions Club Dog Park.  One year ago there was no dog park at all in St. Thomas.  Despite whatever problems have arisen and continue to exist, not bad for less than a year’s work.

The Google photo above is from, which some people find easier to use than Google Street View.  The link for the above address is here.  If you haven’t seen your house yet you should check it out and see if they went down your street (anything between the blue lines).  Just go to that link and enter your own address in the space provided.  You might have to fight with the address a bit, but it’s lots of fun driving around.

Update Fall, 2011:  New Dispensers Installed in Park–

The 4 dispensers, Made in Canada by Practica in Cambridge, Ontario, are installed throughout the Park and equipped with bio-degradable bags. It is hoped they will assist in efforts to keep the park clean and make it a pleasant place to visit.  Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

At a cost of almost $800 including biodegradable bags, they were paid for by the STDOA through fundraising and membership fees, and installed by the St. Thomas Parks & Rec Department.

Please Note: Your membership fee of only $20 per year and donations helps pay for items such as this and other improvements.  The City of St. Thomas does not pay for these, nor do they clean the park at all on a day to day basis.  That is done by your neighbors, and people like you.

We are currently working on a 2nd Dog Park for St. Thomas with the City.  There is no way we will be able to fund $1500 per year to provide poop bags for two parks without your membership fees and public contributions.  Thanks.


The St. Thomas Dog Owners Association is a non-profit organization that promotes off leash dog parks and supports responsible dog ownership and the welfare of dogs.