Lost & Found

Lost & Found Pets-

The City of St. Thomas Animal Services has a page on Lost & Found Pets.  The website is fairly easy to use–you can upload a photo and description of a lost or found pet yourself.  You can also see what animals are available from the City Pound, ABCR, Animal Aide, and Pets/Friends for life.

London Lost Pets is another website you may find helpful.  They cross link information with London, St. Thomas, and Parkhill. We have an article about this site on the St. Thomas Dog Blog.










Helping Lost Pets is a continent wide organization that attempts to put pet owners with their lost animals.










Lost & Found Items-

Feb. 8, 2011- Set of Pontiac +house keys found

Sept 14, 2010-  Owner for watch that was found August 31 has been located.

Posted August 3, 2010-

Set of keys found at the park.  House and Ford car keys.  Call Joe at 519-631-5607.

Posted April, 2010-
Our first lost and found situation had a happy ending.  A ring that was found by a group member found its way back to the rightful owner.  It turned out to be an old family ring with great sentimental value, and the loss had understandably caused the owner some stress. All’s well that ends well.

Posted May 15, 2010-
Anyone lose a key?  We have found what appears to be a house key on a ring May 15, 2010.  Call Wendy at 519-633-1785 or email info@stdoa.ca

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