You can join the STDOA for $10 per year per household.  That gives you voting rights at our meetings (1 vote per member/household).

A pdf. version membership form is available below that you can print out and mail with your payment to the STDOA:

STDOA-Membership Form 2015

email it to or send it by mail with your payment to:

Secretary, STDOA

102 Penhale Ave

St Thomas, Ontario

N5R 6M3


The St. Thomas Dog Owners Association (STDOA) is a membership organization representing dog owners and supporters of the organization.  They serve as an advocacy group on behalf of peoples’ collective needs and those needs of their beloved pets.

The STDOA originated in 2009 with a Constitution, By Laws and Policies approved by members. STDOA is not yet a registered charity. An Executive Committee of 6 volunteers elected annually from and by members plus 6 appointed volunteer members who are responsible and accountable to the membership.
Regular Memberships are for residents of St. Thomas dog owners. Associate Memberships are for residents in surrounding communities as well as non dog owners.

In order to achieve the Purpose, Goals and Objectives of STDOA, its members agree to adhere to the following principles of our code as follows and thereby members are recognized as “Members in Good Standing”.

• All members of STDOA will respect and comply with the STDOA By- Laws, Rules, Regulations and Policies established by the STDOA Executive Committee and support Rules and Requirements of the City of St. Thomas governing the use of designated Off Leash Dog Parks.

• All members of STDOA acknowledge that as users of Off Leash Dog Park areas they are subject to the Dog Owners Liability Act.

• All members of STDOA will provide their dogs with appropriate housing, food and health care. Members will always consider as paramount the welfare of their dog.

• All members of STDOA will endeavour to advocate and enhance the role of dogs in society as an essential member of its communities where it functions as a companion, a guardian, a healer, a herder, a therapist, a teacher and above all “man’s best friend”.

• All members of STDOA will undertake the task of welcoming, educating and encouraging all newcomers to the Association while respecting their interests: off leash parks, training, community awareness and education.

• All members of STDOA must take the initiative to be a responsible and conscientious group ensuring that their actions support the privilege of sharing parkland and open spaces with the community.

• All members of STDOA understand that the STDOA Privacy Policy protects personal information supplied on Membership Application Forms. Only STDOA Executive officers will hold such information in the strictest confidence for internal use.

• All members of STDOA accept their responsibility to observe and monitor dog park activity including behaviour of dog owners and their dogs, evidence of vandalism and/or malfunction of equipment, and safety hazards. Members agree to report violations of responsible behaviour, witnessed incidents and maintenance requirements to appropriate authorities as posted on Park Bulletin boards.

• All members of STDOA whether serving as Executive Officers, Committee Chairpersons or volunteers at large who participate in STDOA activities shall do so with honesty, fairness and integrity ever mindful of the practice of being a good example to others.

• All members of STDOA understand that complaints of serious misconduct and/or violation of STDOA Code of Ethics could result in a membership being revoked in accordance with STDOA Policy on Membership/Enforcement.

• All members of STDOA entitled to vote at General or Special meetings of STDOA must declare any Conflict of Interest whether it be of the nature of any political connection or significant interest of personal monetary gain by way of ownership in, employment by, or directorship of and holding office in any organization deemed to be in competition with STDOA or in conflict with STDOA Goals and Objectives.


If you need Adobe Reader to view the pdf file you can download it here for free:

The St. Thomas Dog Owners Association is a non-profit organization that promotes off leash dog parks and supports responsible dog ownership and the welfare of dogs.