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December, 2010~ We are happy to announce we have partnered with the Caring Cupboard in St. Thomas to create the Caring Pet Cupboard.  The purpose is to provide an easy network to collect and distribute pet food donations to people who need it.  More about this on the St. Thomas Dog Blog.

We were aided in this effort by the generous donation of blue box bins from BFI Canada London District Manager Dave Raney.  Mr. Raney’s unhesitating offer and the open concepts of Brian at the Caring Cupboard moved the project forward.  Pet food donations can now be dropped off at a variety of businesses in the St. Thomas area which will then be collected by the STDOA and delivered to the Caring Cupboard office at the corner of Manitoba and Talbot streets.  Of course, people can also drop donations off directly to the Caring Cupboard during office hours.  We will also accept leashes, collars, blankets, etc.

If you can help, please contact Darlene Austin or Tel. 519-207-1008.  Thanks.

Donation bins are located at these businesses:


Above – Elgin Animal Hospital and Beaver Creek Animal Hospital.  Below – Tabby’s Treasures beside Animal Aide of St. Thomas and Elgin Pet.

Above – Pets/Friends for Life and Pet Valu at the corner of Talbot & First.


Above–Dudes & Dads Barbershop at 133 Ross St. in St. Thomas.  In addition to St. Thomas businesses, there are two collection points in Aylmer – Aylmer Veterinary Clinic (above) and Imperial Road Animal Hospital (below).

Update Jan 13, 2011 – Great success so far.  Well over 115 kg. (253 lbs.) has been donated since Jan. 1 of this year.  The response has been generous and gratifying, as you can see from the pictures below.  The dry kibble is all rebagged and labeled.

Update Jan 29 – Incredible generosity from the people of St. Thomas since this began.  To date, over 550 lbs of dog and cat food has been donated.  Below- more pics of some of the latest food and where it’s going —  The Caring Cupboard Food Bank office at 803 Talbot St., (corner of Manitoba and Talbot St).  Thank you, St. Thomas.

Update Feb. 13 – To date, the people (and vets) of St. Thomas have contributed over 660 lbs of kibble and 62 cans of food for this project.  Thank you, St. Thomas.  Please note:  You do not have to be registered to receive dog or cat food from the Food Bank.

Update Feb. 18 – Please Note:  If you are thinking of donating to the Caring Pet Cupboard, the greatest need right now is cat food.  Thanks.

Update March 14 – To date, the people (and vets) of St. Thomas have contributed over 1071 lbs of kibble and 97 cans of food for this project.  Thank you, St. Thomas.  Please note:  At the present time, we are ok for dog food. The greatest need right now is cat food.

Update April 25 – To date, the people (and vets) of St. Thomas and others have contributed over 2615 lbs of kibble and 118 cans of food for this project.  Thank you, St. Thomas.

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Major Donation from Darford – April 2011

Darford Industries made a major donation of 935 lbs. of dog food to our Caring Pet Cupboard food donation program.  An entire skid of high quality dog food was delivered to St. Thomas to be distributed to area food banks and people who need it.  More on this generous donation on the St. Thomas Dog Blog and the April 20th edition of The Weekly News.

Major Donation from Royal Canin – June 2011

We are pleased to announce that Royal Canin has made a major donation of cat food to the STDOA Caring Pet Cupboard Food Bank donation program.  This generous donation of cat food will be distributed to area food banks, rescue groups, and TNR (trap, neuter, and release) programs who need it.  This donation was aided by another generous donation by Contract Express to deliver, free of charge, five skids of food to our storage facility in St. Thomas.  The generosity of the public, vets, pet food stores, and corporate suppliers continues to amaze everyone involved with this project.

Above – Jaret Spencer, driver for Contract Express, positions the first of five skids to be offloaded. We want to personally thank Sean O’Brien of Contract Express for their unhesitating offer to transport the food to our area.  Mr. O’Brien has also been involved as a major sponsor with the Children’s Foundation, and in 2010 Contract Express was awarded Corporate Sponsor of the Year.

Update July 6 ’11 – We have now distributed almost all of the Royal Canin cat food to over 7 different groups or individuals responsible for improving the welfare of feral or rescue cats.  We are keeping 2/3 of a skid in reserve for our food bank program with the St. Thomas Caring Pet Cupboard.  We are proud that Royal Canin gave us the opportunity to participate in this.

Oakville Humane Society Makes Major Donation

A big Thank You goes out to the Oakville Humane Society for their major donation of dog food to the Caring Pet Cupboard Food Bank.  It was especially timely, as we were on our last bag of dog food.  We will distribute the first of their bags July 7 to our local food bank.

Food Bank use doubles–

September 19, 2011 – Usage by our local food banks of our Pet Food Donation Program has doubled since we began the program in January of this year.  People are hurting in St. Thomas.  We need donations of dog and cat food.  If you have it to spare, or can buy extra, please share it with others. We have 11 collection points as noted on this page.  We make it easy, you drop it in the collection box, we collect it, re-bag and distribute it.  You may also drop it off directly to the Caring Cupboard Food Bank.  They are open Monday & Thursday 9:30 am – 3:00 pm and Tuesday Noon – 3:30 pm.  Thanks.

Caring Pet Cupboard Donations hit 10,000 lbs!


Update January 2012 – The 2011 totals are in for the Caring Pet Cupboard that was started only a year ago in January of 2011, and as of December 31, the people, vets, and pet stores of St. Thomas and area have donated an incredible 5705 lbs of dry kibble, plus 539 cans, 110 bags of treats, and miscellaneous items.  Add to that the 4355 lbs. of corporate donations from Darford and Royal Canin, and it brings the total amount of kibble to an incredible 10,060 lbs!

And this doesn’t include food dropped off directly to the Caring Cupboard office on Talbot St.  Thank You St. Thomas!

Even more astounding is that it all has been and is being used.  Use by local Food Banks is way up with the economic hardship many people are having to endure, and Rescue Groups are feeling the strain with unprecedented numbers including a huge surge of puppies starting in the early spring of 2011, followed by equally large surge of kittens in the early fall.

We now have 11 businesses participating in the Caring Cupboard Food Bank program which are listed towards the top of this page.  Please take a moment and look at the businesses that are participating in this worthwhile program.  More on the St. Thomas Dog Blog with: The Cupboard is OpenHalf a Ton of FoodCorporate MuscleCall and ResponseSo This is Christmas, and They Shouldn’t Have Pets.

Feb. 25, 2012 -People & businesses come through

Feb. 25th – A desperate situation for cat food has been helped.  Thanks to the local people and businesses the supply of cat food for the Food Banks has been replenished–for now.  We want say a special THANK YOU to three businesses that really came through in a pinch– Beaver Creek Animal Hospital, Tabby’s Treasurers (next to Animal Aide), and Dixie Dairy Bar & Tackle Shop. We are extremely grateful for your help.


And with fishing season upon us, we’d like to give a special plug to Dixie Dairy Bar & Tackle Shop for really coming through when the Food Banks needed it.  Thanks to people like them, the wolf is kept away from the door for those who have cats and need help in these hard economic times.  And we’ll also give a plug to their German Shepherd, Dixie.


Remember, we make it easy for you:  there are donation bins, you drop it in, we bag it and deliver it to the people who need it.

Dudes & Dads Barbershop

March 2, 2012– We have a new collection point for the Pet Food Donation Program, the wonderful Dudes and Dads Barbershop on Ross St. in St. Thomas.  The business, founded in 1913 and for years was known as the Ross St. Barbershop, will celebrate 100 years next year.  Drop in and see Gregory (below left) or Jim (below right) in their comfortable shop at 133 Ross St. open Tues – Fri / 8am – 5pm.  You can also visit them on Facebook.


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